The Elf

I still remember the first glimpse I fused,
How my heart played an unfamiliar tune,
I knew I shouldn’t have, but it wasn’t me,
Couldn’t take my eyes off, I knew I’ll never be.

Glistering hair, with ears like feathers,
Eyes like sapphire, with glance that spears,
Who’d though it’d carve deep into my soul,
And it’d stay deeper even after the storms.

I was in the middle of a battle, when I saw you,
A war between men and orcs, and ogres too,
I awed who chased them, but saw only the light,
It took me a while to realize it was never my fight.

With the lips of an angel and a chiming voice like a harp,
No wonder you washed the sorrows with smiles so sharp,
Somehow, we perceived that we’re two disparate kinds,
You’d find yourself alone when I’ll be just a faded chime.

Years passed quick, and a few deadly battles later,
I’m crawling with fatal wounds, getting no better,
I still see you, in shinning armor like a true elf,
I’d scream for help, but it’d hurt both ourselves.

I wish you’d see me, and bring me back to Rivendell,
Heal my wounds, spot those carvings apparent so well,
Then I’ll live the longest years a man can live on earth,
Knowing that you’ll be there, and no more back-and-forth.

I’m still crawling, but now I see you leaving me behind,
Shouldn’t have fought the wars, I wish I could rewind.
I wish I could scream at the top of my lungs and tell,
“Wait, be, and come, things have diverged from hell”.

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