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I had faced a huge trouble, when my friends upload photos to FB in bunches and I have to download them one by one. I was wondering if there is any way to download all of them at once. I searched all over the Internet to find a solution. Though I got many pieces of software, I couldn’t find any ideal solution until I find this Firefox add-on.


fluschipranie is a Firefox extension that downloads a complete Facebook album in a moment. The extension will only work with the HTTPS off, so shut it down.

To make it work your just need to right click the title of the album and select one of the last options, “fluschipranie’s download”.

A few seconds after that, a prompt will appear allowing you to name the photos (photo_0, photo_1, photo_2, etc), and select a path to save it.

And that’s it, all the images from that album should be visible and usable.

Note that the extension may not get an album at all, that depends on the person’s security settings. It may download an album with 200 images, but it may not download an album with 1 image, so keep that in mind when downloading.

This extension was not made to give it a bad use, so please use it with consciousness.

To download this add-on go to  fluschipranie website.

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