Next Release.. !!

What’s New in v1.3 ?


It’s v1.3 with windows clipboard hook & background searching..

Compatible with .net Framework 3.5.. That means;

This can be run on Windows XP too..

Can be run as a background process

o Now pnP Dictionary can be run as a background process and it will be shown in system tray and you can restore it whenever you want by the context menu or simply by double-clicking on the icon.


Clipboard Sensitive

o Now this program is hooked with windows clipboard. That means, whenever you copy a text from anywhere, you will get a notification when the program is minimized and there are meaning found.


Enable/Disable Clipboard Hook

o You can Enable or Disable the clipboard sensitivity by simply clicking on Options à Clipboard Sensitive and check or uncheck it.


A new file will be created to store these setting on the Documents folder where the user files are stored.

Download the latest release from here…

Need .net framework 3.5 to run this..

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