Install MS Office on Arch Linux

What is the most important thing that Linux can not give you? In my point of view, it’s Microsoft Office.

So let’s have a look how to run Office 2010 on Arch Linux.

First we have to install Wine, the Windows run-time environment for Linux. You can install the required packages by:

$ sudo pacman -S --needed icoutils libwbclient libxslt lib32-mpg123 p11-kit lib32-p11-kit samba wine winetricks wine-mono wine_gecko

You need to enable multilib packages in pacman.conf before that.

And the fonts

sudo packer -S --noedit --noconfirm ttf-ms-fonts wine-mono

If you are using Linux 64 bit version, you may need these too.

sudo packer -S --noedit --noconfirm lib32-libwbclient lib32-mpg123 lib32-libxslt

You need to create a separate installation folder, we call it a prefix, for Office package.

export WINEPREFIX="~/.msOffice"
export WINEARCH="win32"

(If you want to make this as default, add above two lines to /etc/profile)

Let’s run the wine configuration, where we have to override some system libraries.

Then Click the Libraries tab of the config window, select riched20 and click Add. You may also need to add msxml3, msxml6 and gdiplus libraries too.Then Click Apply, then click OK.

Done…!!!!! You are now ready to run any windows executable file.

Then go to the Office setup folder, and run $ wine setup.exe

Please note that only 32 bit version of Office is only supported yet.

Issues :

If you face an error “MSXML is not installed” kind of thing, you may need to download msxml3 and msxml6 from MS XML website and install it on your wine installation.

Or install the Linux version from

$ sudo pacman -S libxml2

For more info about wine, visit wine arch wiki page.

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