A Better Office Package – KingSoft Office

If you are using Arch Linux and couldn’t install Microsoft Office as for my previous article? Or you want your Linux installation to be pure free? And bored with the old school appearance of other office packages. Then I suggest you try this.

KingSoft Office

KingSoft Office
KingSoft Office

It look so much same to Microsoft Office, and have some extra cool features as well. (More info)


This package is in AUR and you can use packer to install this on your computer. (AUR for kingsoft-office)

$ sudo packer -S kingsoft-office

It’s that much simple. 🙂

02 comments on “A Better Office Package – KingSoft Office

  • samiperkele , Direct link to comment

    KingSoft Office is NOT open source. I suggest using LibreOffice on Linux.

    • Praneeth Nilanga Peiris , Direct link to comment

      Thanks for the reply.

      Yes, I was mistaken to mention it as open source, so I have edited my post. Thank you for pointing that out.

      Yes, Libre office is a good choice, but for someone who is familiar with new Microsoft ribbon interface, this will be a better choice. But as far as I experienced, Kingsoft office doesn’t provide a proper way handle Microsoft Office file formats.


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