You’re the one!

Now, I can’t live without you.
Whats my life without you.//
If I were part with you. Then I will part with myself too.

Because you are the one.
Now you are the one
You are my life.
My peace and my pain.
Now, only you are my love.

Our relationship is such that,
I can’t stand even a moment away from you.
Everyday I am living for you.
All my time is given to you.
None of my moment is complete without you.
Every breath bears your name.

Because you are the one….

I have lived only for you.
That I gave myself to you.
Being loyal to you kept me on track.
Removed all the pain from the heart.
Now, my life is only with you.
Oh, my love, I feel complete after I got you

Translated from : Tum Hi Ho (Aashiqui 2)

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