Am I dreaming?

I see things..Glimmerings,
Like never before. Happy and free,
I “feel”..And I’m still wondering,
Is this possible, is this real?

Don’t remember what happened,
Why Or even my name.
And I don’t care either,
‘Cause this means I’m human. Again.

I was different, and even now,
Ignored to rot when I was found,
Then you came and gave me that grace,
Bloomed by heart with your embrace.

All thought I was dead and same did I.
And cannot be saved and burst my life.
But you breathe your breath in me with hugs.
And now I sing at the top of my lungs.

“You’re my savior. you’re my angel.”
“You’re the one. one made me human.”

(Inspired by the Movie “Warm Bodies”)

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