Fixed few errors in Arch installation

Hi all,

I installed Arch again recently and came across a few problems.

First problem was, this time I installed inside a LAN (last time with my home router), hence I had to config the IP addressed as well. I have edited my previous article regarding that. Please check.

Secondly, an error message kept me bugging. It was my Wireless device. As for my previous article, installing b43-firmware was not enough. I had to blacklist those bugging modules. They were brcmsmac and bcma.

To blacklist them, create a conf file inside /etc/modeprobe/ named wlan.conf. However, you can change the name of the file as you want. Then I added these lines to that file.

blacklist brcmsmac
blacklist bcma

Then install broadcom-wl from AUR.

$ packer -S broadcom-wl

(Please note, I haven’t used sudo, because now packer doesn’t support --asroot option in makepkg. But it will ask for the password before installation.)

Then reboot.

It did fixed the error with those modules, but still no KDE (KDM). I tried many methods, but no luck. There were no errors even in the journalctl.

But the missing part was I had forgotten to install xorg. It didn’t let me start KDM or any DMs. So, I didn’t think twice and installed xorg.

$ sudo pacman -S xorg

Tadaaa..!! Now it works.

I know this is not some magic. But I just thought of sharing with you.

But still I have a problem in getting my HSDPA dongle working. I will let you know when I find any solution.

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