Theory of memes – 2 – Rage Comics

“Rage Comics are series of web comics with characters, sometimes referred to as “rage faces”, that are often created with simple drawing software such as MS Paint. The comics are typically used to tell stories about real life experiences, and end with a humorous punchline.” – KnowYourMeme


Le X

The term le is a replacement to the art.icle “the”, but used in the beginning of the sentence.

Example : “Le watching the new episode of GOT”


Derp (or herp) is an expression associated with stupidity. However it is used in two ways. 1) as placeholder expressions to unimportant dialogs or conditions. 2) to give names to characters in a comic.



Depina Herpington is the female version of Derp. This is mostly used to signify the female counterpart of the male rage comic in a relationship.


Like a boss


The phrase stems from The Lonely Island‘s single “Like A Boss,” a parody of the Slim Thug song of the same name.

See the video

This phrase is used to show the determination of a character to do a particular task. Or the expression after successfully completing (or trying to do) something in a special way.

Like a boss

You don’t say

based on a contour drawing of Nicolas Cage that is that is used as a sarcastic response to an obvious observation or statement.

Origin :

You don't say

True Story

based on a black and white contour drawing of How I Met Your Mother character Barney Stinson (played by actor Neil Patrick Harris) smiling smugly while holding a wine glass. Often accompanied by the text “true story,” the character can mostly be found in the final panel of a rage comic to either indicate or falsely claim that it is based on a true story. (See the origin)

True story

Sexy time

Referred to acts related to sexual intercourse.

Sexy time


Mostly used as a verb to denote masturbation (forever alone pleasure). Hence it is used as fap, fapping, fapped etc. And also as a sound to denote having sex or fapping.



Rage guy

Rageguy is a character commonly used to express serious disappointment, exasperation or displeasure in any given situation.

Origin : Toilet splash

Troll face

Trollface, a.k.a. “Coolface” is a character used to imply one’s intention to troll another, also used with the phrase “Problem?” or “You mad bro?”.


Cereal Guy

Cereal Guy is a stick figure character commonly used on discussion forums as a multi-purpose reaction face.



Okay Guy

Okay Guy is a character who always complies by disappointingly saying “okay” in various circumstances where most Rage comics characters would be inclined to disagree or react negatively.




“Fuck Yeah” Guy

Fuck Yea Guy is a self-complacent looking character used to express pride or victorious sentiments.



Forever Alone Guy

Forever Alone is an exploitable rage comic character that is used to express loneliness and disappointment with life.

“Y U No” Guy

Using SMS shorthands and carefree grammar as a way to bring someone’s attention on a particular subject or issue.

“Me Gusta” Guy

Character that is typically used to respond to an awkward or disgusting event with “Me Gusta,” which means “it pleases me” in Spanish (often understood as “I like it” in English).

No Me Gusta

No Me Gusta variation of Me Gusta It is used as to awkwardly dislike.

Me Gusta Mucho

“Me Gusta Mucho” is a variation of Me Gusta with the mouth changed to a smile. It is used to show extreme pleasure as opposed to simple pleasure.

It’s Something

It’s Something is a rage comic character that is used to express resignation when faced with an outcome of a situation that is less than ideal, but not entirely unfavorable.

I’m Watching You

Typically used to express suspicion or distrust.

Oh, Stop it you

Conveys self-modesty or humble gratitude.


Character that is often used to indicate laughter and general amusement.

Freddie Mercury Rage Pose

Freddie Mercury Rage Pose is a rage comic character made from a photo of deceased British musician and former lead vocalist for the rock band Queen Freddie Mercury. The image is typically used to indicate that an extraordinary feat has been accomplished, similar to the Fuck Yea illustration. (See the Origin)

If You Know What I Mean

Based on a still frame of actor Rowan Atkinson portraying the fictional character Mr. Bean. It is used to point out a double entendre in a post or image macro, commonly in the form of sexual innuendo.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Wearing a scornful facial expression that is typically used in reaction to someone else’s extreme stupidity.

“No” Rage Face

Used to dismiss or disapprove of another person’s idea. When in a comment, it is sometimes used as a standalone reaction image.


Well, this is enough for now. I’m too tired. There are more. If you want more, Google “Rage Comics” or visit this page.

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