I couldn’t open the door,
My house was a mess,
That’s why I couldn’t let you in,
That’s why I couldn’t let anyone in.

There was a huge celebration,
People huddling around,
Clinks of wine glasses,
Pops of champagne,
It seemed joyful and fun.,
Chit chats everywhere.

And later on…

They’re gone,
Everything was messed up,
There’s rubbish everywhere,
Broken chairs and tables,
Glasses and windows,
Yikes and miserable.

I have to clean and fix them all.

Painting, New furniture,
Vacuum and mopping,
The mess, they left behind,

Wait a moment

You can come inside,
And make yourself home,
You can stay if you like,
We can sing and dance,
Enjoy and have fun,
But please…
Don’t do the same..!!

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