Everything is fake!

Who are you?

Not your name! How would someone distinguish you among others? How this universe would identify you? Have you ever thought of that? Your name, Identity Card Number/National Security Number, or any other registration number you obtain can be changed or forged.

So, who are you?

Have you ever asked that question from yourself? This whole concept is based on lots of questions. Just think of the possibility of these things being real.

What if we all get a serial number given at the moment of being conceived? And what if all the things happen to us or around us are based on these serial numbers?

These questions can be related to the very first moment you come to this world. The Birth. In Asian culture, there is a tradition of recording the birth time, which will be later used for astrological purposes. How would you know that time is correct? How would you know if your star sign is correct? If you thoroughly believe in astrology, you could’ve being believing in something which was never meant for you. How would you know if your date of birth is correct? There is no possibility for you to remember that. But you believe your parents. What if they are wrong? What if they are lying?

From the moment you are born, you learn things by observing the environment. How would you know that everything you see is real? How would you know that the others perceive things in the same way or not? For instance, scientists have proved that people see colors in different ways. There can be a possibility that “your red” is completely different from “my red”, but we both happened to call it “red”. Just like that, how would we know that the things we see, feel and hear are the same for everyone?

And, do you truly believe that there are other people? I mean, do you believe that you are surrounded by living organisms that do things upon their own will? What if all the other people, animals, trees and every single thing you see are fake, and just a projection on you mind?

What if everything you see is not real? You may be lying on a dark room and having a very long dream. In this dream, you feel like you have options or choices. But it’s not. Because you would never know what would happen if you have taken a different option. The dream is being controlled by someone or something else. Your image has been projected to an augmented world. You “think” that you have the freedom of doing anything you want. Everything you do and think is controlled by an external party. Sometimes we feel that we have changed our “fate”. What if that “change” is the way it was meant to be all along? And this system is designed in such a way that you will truly “feel” that you do things by yourself. Have you ever thought that?

Neo and Trinity plugged into to the Matrix (in Matrix movie)
Neo and Trinity plugged into to the Matrix (in Matrix movie)

Now you’d realize this is related, or rather it is exactly like in the Matrix movie. What if there are people who sense that these things are not real, and want to let other people know? Or even, among the “people” who control this system, there are some who want to let us know. And they secretly make a few of “us” to spread the message on behalf of them. And we’re seeing them as “science-fictions”. Not just Matrix trilogy, but also movies like Source Code, Avatar, The Adjustment Bureau and Gamer. These movies may be trying to give us an idea about the “real world” and its scientific advancements. We just watch them, applaud and take nothing out of them.

Have you ever been in a state of Déjà vu? Déjà vu is explained as “the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past”. Scientists believe that this happens due to inability of the brain trying to relate similar incidents or dreams. Do you really believe that? What if Déjà vu is occurred due to the bugs in the system we’re stuck in, which causes the same thing to happen again? Then it automatically tries to smudge your memory in order for you not to believe what you just witnessed.

Do you believe in Time Travel and Parallel Universes? Physicists have profound theories on the possibility of existence of these, but they never have found any real proof. However, there are some images floating around the Internet captioned as images of Time Travellers, which contains people with futuristic gadgets and looks. May be they all are true and existing. But, as a typical system or a game, the rules enforce us not to take part or even witness that. The reason is our senses are made so much restricted, that we can observe only a limited viewport of the things around us. Some of us may have a wider viewport, which allows them to experience things which are not accessible to others. For instance, some people claim that they can see ghosts. This can also be explained scientifically; Researchers believe that these visions can be an output of the vibrations triggered by infrasonic signals of 19Hz [1] [2]. These visions may not be of ghosts after all. Those can be other organisms that are living on different dimensions than us. All the “supernatural” activities may be results of their actions.

I person dressed “differently” is seen with a camera
I person dressed “differently” is seen with a camera


Ancient graffiti illustrating a person using a device, which can be interpreted as a laptop computer
Ancient graffiti illustrating a person using a device, which can be interpreted as a laptop computer

We think politicians rule the world. Some conspiracy theories say that there is another layer above them, who controls everything, including the politicians. What if there is another upper layer, which controls each and every one of us? It may be another living organism, or a massive source of power. Why would you think some people are dying at young age? Dying being old can at least be explained. But some people die in accidents or by fatal diseases. Have you ever wonder why do such things happen? Don’t you feel that they are being terminated from the system? Haven’t you felt that all of them are part of a master plan?

Then who are these “people” controlling us? Aliens? God? That is a good question, which even I don’t have an explanation. But people already believe in these types of external forces. Some people call it God, who created and controls everything. He has sons and daughters called “Angels” to help him, who are constantly sent to earth for missions. Some people believe in multiple gods, which is division of labor to perform these tasks. And some people believe in Karma, which is often called a force or a source of power, which we can earn positive or negative. From time to time, messengers such as Jesus, Angels, and Gods, who are sent to this world to deliver messages about these forces. There are some people among us, who realize this and wanted us to understand that, such as Lord Buddha. In the end, it seems like we all refer to the same concept in different perspectives.

Am I confusing you? Let’s digest this slowly. Imagine that you’re playing a chess game. There are 16 pieces per side and each player gets the chance to move his/her pieces around the board to meet an ultimate goal of winning. Now let’s try to see the scenario from the point of view of a piece. For instance let’s consider the Bishop. He will be attending to his her normal routines, until he is given the supreme command to perform an action. However, from his side, he is just doing his duty when it is needed. He is not aware of this master plan. In this case, even the King or the Queen doesn’t know the master plan. Only the player knows it. For the soldiers, killing opposing soldiers when commanded is the duty. That is a part of his routine along with other personal tasks such as eating. Now try to apply yourself as that Bishop. You’re studying, working and marrying, as if you it is your own will. Of course you are lead to believe that is your own will. What if, everything that is made to be done is a tiny part of a massive process? We will never know what that master plan is, unless we realize that, everything around us is fictitious!

(Code Name : Praneeth Nilanga Peiris)

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