I feel it’s growing inside,
Devour me slowly,
Weakening me and psyche,
And I still wonder why.

I still remember the time,
I spent next to your shade,
Admiring the sparkling beauty,
But, never wished it to fade.

I still wonder how it’s back,
And got clot inside my heart,
Never thought it would whack,
‘Cause it was from my own heart.

I still wonder how it changed me,
With deep thoughts and long nights,
Lost my pride along with my hair,
Ready to die, at the edge of its light.

Now I’m sick and impotent,
Looking for a way to cure,
But I’ve learned the irony,
“The cause itself is the cure”.

I still love the feeling,
And the memorizing warmth,
I would be there for ages,
As I’ve already lent my soul.

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