Ohh, see the rainbow, up in the sky?
Feel chirping mixed with the cold breeze?
The stream glistening with the morning light,
The magical view, that enchants everyone.

Everyone loves it, embraces the feeling,
Welcoming sensation, hypnotizing stature,
Everybody wants to stay and be cherished,
It indeed is a lovely and a heavenly “paradise”.

Go further, and you’ll see the scorched lands,
Vultures flying above, looking for a perfect prey,
Wolves fighting over the heart of a dead lioness,
Under the burning sun, which melts even stones.

You better know your way, else you’ll be lost,
Survive, from the plague, but you’ll be closer,
To redemption, only the courageous will linger,
But the strongest will transcend this “purgatory”.

You’ll witness the blood red skies of mordor,
The bodies all over the field, dead and alive,
You’ll see the visions of the horrible battles,
With ripping off flesh and crushing out skulls.

It’s not too late for you to turn back, like many,
Just leave and never come back to this misery,
Or persist and uncover the precious at the core,
And make this “inferno” a “paradise” once more.
( Reference : Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri )

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