I’m sitting on a throne which I never wanted,
Called as the devil, they took me for granted,
I was there, fighting by his side for good,
In the end, I was caged even without food.

I’d been praised, crowned and stood so close,
I was the favorite, which many didn’t propose,
Everything was perfect, and then conflicts arose,
Because I denied to bow, for that trivial cause!

Everyone ignored, cursed and banished me from home,
Bound me in piercing chains, caged in a hollow dome,
Labeled with names: “devil”, “Satan” and “the fallen”
Everyone hated and but afraid when my name is callen.

Now all praise, the ones tortured me beyond the bounds,
Drained my righteous grace, through my bleeding wounds,
They themselves question me, where is all the good?
Don’t you remember, who made an angel, the doom!

Now I’m sitting on a throne, which I never wanted,
They call me the devil, but I’m not despondent,
I really don’t care if you smile, smirk or shiver,
You made the devil yourselves, let it be, forever!

(Inspired by Supernatural TV Series)
PS1 : I know that there are grammar errors, but put them anyway to rhyme (i.e. is callen).
PS2 : Please enjoy this just a a poem, rather than trying to find the factual correctness. All these are imaginary anyway.

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