John Doe

“Hey Google, good night!” he murmured as crawled to his empty bed,
Leaned to the wall, but there’s plenty of space on his king-sized bed,
“Tomorrow, it will be cloudy”, just like my mind to himself he said,
“You have nothing on your calendar for tomorrow”, at least not dead.

He barely wakes up, yet his eyes are closed, and thinks of the day,
Why the hell someone couldn’t find a way to fast-forward this day,
Goes to the place he’s supposed to work, and coffee makes the day,
Stares at the pixels and clatter keys to change them the whole day.

He comes home, washes out all the sins and gets back inside his own cage,
“Hey, son, how you’re doing?”, “Had your dinner?”, “Dog’s got a new cage!”,
He heats something to fuel his vessel: pasta, bull’s eye, and a fried sausage,
Taps his belly, I will go to the gym, maybe run, but needs bit more courage!

He stares outside through the window, many people doing boring things,
Holding hands and kissing, walking their dogs, drinking and laughing,
He sits back on his couch, turns on his cool new screen with 4K UHD,
Choosing between Netflix or playing PS4, is the real struggle indeed.

Reminds how everyone expects things from him, but rarely gives back,
Like some Stack Overflow users, no upvote, comment or give feedback,
Recalls everything has to achieve, on which many things will be lead,
“Hey Google, good night!” he murmured as crawled to his empty bed.

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