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Many people are wondering WHY LINUX??? Here is my answer.. I was a HUGE Windows fan. (Yes.. I WAS.. But still I’m using it though.) When I got into University(for Computer Science), we were introduced Ubuntu, and we were shown the attractive parts of the GUI, such as Desktop Cube, Window Effects and many customizations which can be done. But still, I didn’t liked it. Then eventually, when I go through my academics, I had to use many programming languages such as Java, C/C++, Python, FORTRAN etc. And also many libraries such as OGRE, OpenCV. When I tried to config it on Windows, I had a real pain in my a**. It took me ages to configure a library and make it runnable. (It may be my dumbness too.). But as a Computer Science student, I really loved to peek into OS stuff and change them and see what’s going on. On Windows, you can customize it by applying themes, changing wallpaper as more. But it took me many years to understand that it is not what customizing an OS is. Those are just settings you can change. Then I started trying Linux Operating Systems with the thought of that OS customization. First, well known Ubuntu. It was pretty much OK with a great user friendliness. I loved that. (Yes, you read it right. LOVED). Then I eventually tend to change things such as changing the display menu of grub, manually installing software and their dependencies. So eventually I end up with a mess. But when doing such things, I’ve found out many bugs on Ubuntu are somethings are really annoying. Then Ubuntu… Out of the list. Then Kubuntu. Unfortunately, it took my dumb brain to understand it was just KDE+Ubuntu. So Kubuntu… Out of the list. Then I got to know about Linux Mint. That was kind of less buggy OS I’ve tried. I’ve tried OpenCV, OGRE 3D and many other libraries and IT DID NOT CRASH. 🙂 But unfortunately, I had to move my files to a new hard disk. As we know, Windows does not give any chance but to re-install everything from the scratch. But I’ve tried to move my Linux files to the new hard disk and updated the grub and initramdisk. Ooopppsss…!!! Everything worked fine, except I could not play any sound, no mobile broadband and even I did not have a shutdown option.. Lately I realized that backing up normal Linux Operating Systems may cause damaged hardware drivers. No other option. Linux mint. Off you go. The main reason was I do not expect my OS to be user friendly. I want it to be developer-friendly so I can mold it to do my work smoothly. And when I try to install a new package, I had to to find the correct repository and add it and install. And was the worst part all other Linux Distros. (In Arch Linux, pacman and packer will take care of that.) Then my geeky friend, Shelton told me about Arch Linux and it’s capabilities. It worth a shot. So I tried to install. I used Bridge Linux, a derivation of Arch Linux. It took my attention right after I double clicked the Install Command. It was a Command Line Installation..!!!! 😀

Then I installed pure Arch Linux and it was a great experience for me. And I’m willing to share my experience with you..!!

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