Why Linux?

Okay, enough gossips.. Now straight to business.

Why someone should consider installing Linux in the first place? Many people give many different answers. So I’ll just point them out.

  • Almost every Linux based OS is FREE.. (well, some of them are not.)
  • It’s customizable as a ball of clay on your hands.
  • You can make your own distribution of Linux and SELL it. (YES, you can.)
  • Almost every software for Linux is FREE.
  • If you are a developer, then many tools are available for FREE.
  • Most of the Linux operating systems are open source. (That means, you can download the source code of it.)
  • You can change desktop environments. (much more than changing the theme.)

Those are some of the reasons. I’ll add some more.

  • You don’t have to configure most libraries.
    • For example, if you want to install OpenCV, just type sudo pacman -S opencv and that’s all. All libraries will be automatically added to system. But in Windows…. Okay.. I don’t want to talk about that.
  • It’s light weight. (Ex: Damn Small Linux only needs 50MB of initial hard disk space)
  • Many common devices runs Linux. (Routers, Switches, Web/FTP Servers, Android Phones and more..)
    • Yes, Routers and Switches have an OS installed inside them.
    • Yes..!! Android OS is a Linux Based OS which run a JVM.
  • It has a powerful security and access control ability.
  • Has a great driver base and the ability to install software according to them.
    • Ex: You don’t have to install separate drivers to use your HSPA modem. It automatically identifies it.
  • And currently, even ARM processors and microchips/chip-boards are running Linux. (Raspberry Kit)
  • OpenGL performance is damn high on Linux.
  • And then there are things that you can’t do with most other Operating Systems. Check pointing applications, turning on/off CPU cores while running and the built in firewall.

(This list is open for comments.)

This the currently available set of Linux Distributions.

As you can see, there is a huge set of specialties and benefits of a Linux Based OS.

Are you using them effectively..??


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