Make it ready..!!

Now you are ready with your Arch Linux installation..!!!

Now you should be able to log in to the system using given user name and password at the log in screen. If you don’t see the log in screen, you have to enable it.

GUI is handled by KDM (KDE Display Manager) in Arch Linux and if it’s not working and you are directed to a command line log in, use these commands after logging in.

$ sudo systemctl enable kdm
$ sudo systemctl start kdm

That should do it.

After you logging in, you have to upgrade the repository list. You can simply do it by following command.

$ sudo pacman -Syy

or you can go for a full upgrade by executing following command.

$ sudo pacman -Syu

That’s it. No more worries about repositories. (For more info, visit pacman man page)

And it’s a good idea to upgrade the AUR packages too. (In new releases, it’s pacaur)It can be done by;

$ sudo packer -Syu

Then you are ready to go.

But here are some important packages to be installed. (According to ReadMe file on the Desktop.)

To install codecs  =>

$ sudo pacman -S gstreamer0.10-plugins

These will be needed when you play media files.

To install Flash    =>

$ sudo pacman -S flashplugin

This is the famous flash plugin for browsers.

And for Proprietary GPU drivers:

To install the current NVIDIA proprietary driver:

$ sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils

Reboot to allow the automatic configuration by the package

$ sudo nvidia-xconfig

Reboot a last time to restart the X server with the new settings

To install the current ATI/AMD proprietary driver:

# If you’re using a pre-5xxx card, use catalyst-total-hd234k instead

$ sudo pacaur -S catalyst-total
$ sudo aticonfig --initial

Reboot to restart the X server with the new settings

To learn more about Arch Official Repositories, visit here.

AUR – Arch User Repositories

These are custom packages build by users, but which are stable. These are source files are when you use packer (or pacaur) it will download the PKGBUILD file, then download the needed repository files and compile it according your computer system. Yes..!!! Exactly tailor made for your computer. But many people recommend to use pacman to download packages, and go for AUR if and only if that package is not available in pacman.

Here is the list of AUR packages, if you are interested.

We will talk more about such packages soon..

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