No KDE 5.. Not yet..!!

I have installed KDE Plasma 5, as I mentioned in my previous post. I could use it without any problem, even though I have to ignore many packages while updating my Arch (ex : kwin).

Apart from the cool stuff I mentioned in that post, there are some lots of trouble when installing and using other software which are depending on KDE4 libraries (ex : kdebase-plasma). Few of my friends have experienced a lot of glitches in Network widget, Notifications. And a lot of issues when upgrading Arch ( sudo pacman -Syu ), sometimes you cannot update at all due to dependency conflicts (ex : libksysguard, kdebase etc.)

I have tried to so many things, but didn’t find a remedy. (Yeah, I know. I’m sorry.). So the only available solution is to WAIT until the final release comes.

So, to reduce much pain, let’s remove KDE Plasma 5.

Let’s remove what we’ve installed. (Please note that we use -Rc, hence use it with caution.)

$ sudo pacman -Rc kf5 kf5-aids plasma-desktop plasma-next

If you have used -Rdd option, it may leave a lot of junk left by KDE5. If will cause a lot of pain with dependency conflicts.

And don’t forget to reinstall KDE4.

$ sudo pacman -S kde

Note :

If you’re victim of “junk”, the simplest thing you can do is to install kf5, kf5-aids and remove it again with -Rc switch.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to comment if any issues come up.

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  • Sendy Aditya , Direct link to comment

    well, KDE5 still buggy and often crash on many application.
    my network manager always crash when try to add a new network. I think I will back to Gnome or LXDE.

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