Role Model

I know what you’ve been through.
And how hard it was for you to survive.
Now, look where you are.
After all these years. All these problems.
All the fame, but still you’re the same.

I’ve seen people try to screw your life.
People said many things, still, they are.
But I never doubted you. I never will.
I will never stop believe in you.
Because I know how trustworthy you are.

You’re the one who taught me that

“Past does not define who you are”.
“Always believe in yourself”.
“Never give up,never ever”.

And I’m really grateful to you for that.

We may merely talk, but I always see through you.
And I know you do the same. Because we’re best friends.
I admire your confidence.
And I never doubt to follow your path.
I know someday, that you will make me and all of us proud, just like now.

Sometimes people say that I’m just like you.
And it gives me a blissful smile.

“Yeah, I know..”

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