My head was spinning, and vision was blurred with red,
My hands behind felt so tight as they’re bound and wet,
I tried to look up, despite the chains around my neck,
Then, I saw her glimpse, through my eyes of blood red.

I was tied and locked up with heavy chains with pins,
With the burning pain wherever it touched my cleft skin,
I felt it’s burning and battling inside, striving to stay in,
I heard the chanting in an unknown lingo, echoing the cabin.

I was sat in the middle of a pentagram, inside a ring,
With the scented candles burning around the rim,
Could feel it’s struggling to stay inside, pulling within,
As she continued to chant with more intense, and keen.

My eyes began to burn, and I couldn’t resist but screech,
Shivering like electrocuted, and being burned in hell,
I could clearly hear her chanting, now more like a yell,
As a volcano, whole body burst, then all went black.

I saw her silhouette came towards me, struggling to breath,
Put her soft hand on mine, gently, and nudged my head,
Now I see her, an angel, with a cute smile, wiped my tears,
Whispered to my ear softly… “Welcome to the Paradise”.

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