Are you dumb? – Social Media Maniacs

Yes, I am. May be not completely, but for a certain amount, yes.

Are you?

What type of dumbness are we talking about here? Well, this is not a prefect world, so we can’t find any perfect people. So, this dumbness is my as for my opinion. And according to that, I’m dumb too. So, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by this article. But as always I say, this is how I feel. So, there can be a possibility that I would care, but there mostly not. ๐Ÿ˜€

Disclaimer 1: This article may contain some sensitive phrases and strong language that you might feel like punching me in my face. Since these are my personal opinions, I wouldn’t bother that much either. And yes, I will be justifying most of the things that I do. I’m not perfect though. But yet again, this is my article ๐Ÿ˜€

Social Media Maniacs

Well, most of us (including me) are falling into this category even by a small percentage. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in a social media in the first place. ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s really hard to think and see things from the point of view of others. Because, you’re sharing stuff with others and they may not give a damn about what you share. Some people may say that they don’t care of what others say about the things you do on social media. If you really mean it, why are you even sharing it, if that is not even informative or funny or at least related someone else? Think many times before you do anything on social media. Even I do stupid things on social media, but let’s learn from our own mistakes. [1]

Do you post lots of selfies?

Well, I’m not even going to talk about it anymore. Frankly, yes, you are! If you want to know why, just read this article. So, stop posting hundreds of selfies, because most people don’t come to see you face all over their feeds. So, just read it. If you don’t want to read it, here is the summary.

If you share lots of selfies, you’re a psychopath!

Do you share bullshit?

If yes, you’re dumb too. But the problem is, you wouldn’t know if you’re sharing bullshit or not, because you’re dumb. If you want to get out your dumbness, please read this and it might give you redemption. If really don’t want to read it too, here is the summary.

If you share random quotes, that sounds really inspiring, there can be a possibility that you’re an idiot.

You may want to convey a message to someone or some people. Or you are really motivated by the quote and want to share it with others. But please think again before sharing it.

Do you whine ?

Have you recently broke up, and keep posting how you’re surviving because you’re strong. LOL. Then you’re weak than you realize. It’s normal for people to feel bad about loosing something/someone, because that’s the human nature. But then, what you need is a good friend. Not a Facebook page with random bullshit. Or blame his/her ex via statuses or pull put the personal stuff into public. Well, regardless who was wrong, you’re being coward. If you’re broken, go outside, hangout with your friends, rather than spending your valuable time sobbing on bed and boasting on social media that you’re so strong. Let karma do the job. Seriously, get your shit together!

quote-1 quote-2

Breakups and being heart-broken are hard. If you’re sharing things like above, you really need a good set of friends. Believe me. Get up, because otherwise you’ll never know what’s waiting for you.!

Are you sad that you’re single? So you chose to post it on social media? And that’s why you’re still single!


Are you an App Freak ?

If you’re using an app, that’s perfectly fine. But before you share it to public (or your friends), think twice if other want to see it or not. Or is it worth sharing. If that’s even not funny to the others, why are you even sharing it?


There are a lot of such other apps to tell “how would you look after 30 years”, “whom will you be on your next life”, “who is your secret crush”, blah blah.

Nobody cares

So, think before you share anything like that. If that is funny, or you want to send a hint to someone, or simply if it carries something important stuff, it will be funny. Otherwise, other people (like me) will find it disturbing. Well, I can’t define a clear margin for that, because it depends on the audience. Some people will like it and some won’t. So think about the people on your friend list. If the majority will be okay, I’m not there to judge you. Because, I don’t like the things you post, I would unfriend you anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

And don’t send app request to others. There are lot of people who doesn’t use any Facebook apps/games and hated to be invited to those. That might give you lives on the game, but will end your life on the real world ๐Ÿ˜€

Are you a love bird?

It’s okay to share photos of you with your SO on social media. But you should know when it’s too much. But that’s obvious that you wouldn’t know the limit. When you you’re using social media to show your love, that is simply called “showing off” to the world. Studies have shown that the people who share these type of stuff online are mostly subjected are insecure and have low self esteem [2]. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing photos of a new couple and those romantic quotes along with them. But I would mind if I see them as a routine, not because I hate couples or anything. But duh, show your love to your partner, not to the entire world as a part of your schedule. Too much of anything is too much.

Show the world that you love your partner. But don’t over-show that, because many people will find it annoying. And also that means you have something wrong with you as well. ๐Ÿ˜€

Are you an Anemometer?

If you don’t know what an Anemometer is, that is the instrument which is used to find the direction of the wind. Simply, it’s arrow head is rotated towards the direction of the wind, along with the wind.

There are some people, who doesn’t have their own opinion, because they don’t think. They just follow the trend. If there is a viral incident being shared on social media and many people are saying that’s good, they will immediately share it saying “good job”. But when another set of people starts to criticize it, the same person will share those posts saying “yeah, this is bad”. This doesn’t apply for the people who criticize who are impartial on their critics. Those people go out of the scenario and look as an outsider before deciding what’s right or wrong. The group of people who I’m highlighting is the ones who goes after trends. These type of people are very dangerous because they can be persuaded for mass distribution of false news, and can be easily manipulated.

Don’t be an idiot.

Think on your feet and decide what’s good and bad. Don’t go after the trend! If you can’t decide what’s good or bad, just stop showing off your stupidity.

Do you share everything?

If yes, you’re someone who ruins this world. Haven’t you heard the golden phrase?

Google before you share!

Some people share bogus stuff, they don’t even have a clue of. I have seen many such scenarios where some people share false information. For instance, I have seen such a post, saying that “Putin’s wife is deaf. But he never stopped loving his wife even a bit. If you value this love, please share”. Then I did a simple Google on that. But I found out that not just she doesn’t have any such defect, but those are even divorced.

So please please. Do research before you post something!

Ironically, I came across something I shared 5 years back.


Just see how stupid I was. So, there is still hope for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

And I also have a lot of posts saying “share if you agree”. People still can agree and not share those stupid posts. They can nod their heads (yeah, I agree) and just ignore it. Why can’t you do that? Do you share everything that you agree?

And “share if you love your parents” posts are the worst. If you love your parents, stop lying about it on social media, just go and help them out.

“Happy mother’s day” or “Happy father’s day” : Well, do something nice for them at least on that day, rather than being a @#$% about it.

Seriously, share stuff which are informative to others. Not for you, but for others!

Do you like your own status/photos ?

I feel really sorry for you!

You wouldn’t be sharing it if you don’t like to post it, right? Seems like you have some attention issues!
(I’m not talking about the photos of you posted/tagged by others, rather the ones you post by yourself.)


Do you share stuff just for yourself?

Some people share statuses and quotes which seems nobody else understands. Nobody seems to have clue of why they posted it, and they keep asking “why?”, and then that person explains. If you’re angry with your taxi driver, tell it to him, not on FB. If you post, “what’s wrong with these people?”, we’ll ask the same question. Do not use social media to express your sudden emotions. That looks disturbing. If you want to share such, provide more information for people to understand. We’re not mind readers.

Don’t you know about Messenger?

So, Facebook has a feature called FB Messenger, which is pretty cool where you can send and receive messages instantly without using hundreds of comments on posts!

I have seen people who are having conversations using comments. That is not just hilarious, but also a menace to others who are tagged in that post, or the ones who have commented there.

When a person posted a photo, there are people who comment “Nice, so how are you?” followed by “I’m good, having exams these days. What about you? “. Seriously people? Stop being dumb.

So, please don’t do that, if you wouldn’t mind. Don’t let your stupidity disturb others. There is a messaging service you can use for messaging.

Are you a “proud” person?

I have seen many people sharing these type of posts.

“I’m proud to be a …”

Okay, but why are you proud? If you’re proud to belong to a nationality, you’re not proud. You’re stupid. Because, how can you be proud of something you haven’t contributed.

A Sri Lankan student wins a competition at the International level? Why are you proud about it? It wasn’t you who did that. You’re certainly happy about someone scored at International level and put the name of your country on the list. Yes, you can be happy. But why are you proud?

“I’m a proud Sri Lankan, because we had this excellent 2500+ years of a history”. I still don’t know why to be proud about it, unless you haven’t shed a single sweat to keep that up.

“My project has won an award, so I’m proud”. Because, I worked for it and I’ve earned it. My parents can be proud of me because they helped me to achieve that. But not you!

What I see is, people try to make themselves proud with the things that they haven’t done or even helped.

When you see someone working on something, you don’t even give a damn about it. You discourage that person, never help them even if you can. But when that person won something, you’re proud. How selfish you are!

Do you want to be proud? Then do something for the society! Identify the difference between happiness and pride!

Bottom-line of part 1

Social media is filled with bullshit. Please don’t be one to fill it up. Even I myself is related to some of the above facts and we all are. It’s all about realizing and keeping it low.

Calm down now. You’re not dumb. Here is a nice song by Nirvana!




[2] L. F. Emery, A. Muise, E. L. Dix, and B. Le, โ€œCan You Tell That I โ€™ m in a Relationshipโ€ฏ? Attachment and Relationship Visibility on Facebook,โ€ 2014.

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  • Gayan Sri Garusinghe , Direct link to comment

    Very informative article, although I do not agree with some of the points :). Social media is a cross section of society. So in my opinion the weirdness of the society is well represented in social media too. That is where all above described manics come from. Cheers !

    • Praneeth Nilanga Peiris , Direct link to comment

      Agree. People are different and have different mind sets. These differences are the facts that make this world interesting. ?
      And as I mentioned, there is no clear cut margin to categorize anyone. So, this is just the way I see things. โ˜บ

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