Astro Man

Hello, my friend! I’m your friendly neighbor.
I can foretell each and everything!

Can you lend me a moment to talk?
So I can ruin your life, just like a chalk!
Sun gives life to the earth,
And you were born by Mars!

So you will have all of his genes,
Not of whom gave birth: Your Mom!
You were born sharp at noon,
On a cold Friday 8th of June!

Then you should have been a cute Female,
And you must’ve bought that from a sale!
Venus is at 7th house settled with no dosha at all,
He should have a happy life and empty balls!

But he was divorced twice with no children at all,
Now he is in jail, ‘cause he stabbed his wife last fall!
Nadi doesn’t match, so you won’t have children!
Gana doesn’t match, so you’ll be at peace seldom!

This will be the worst marriage, and I can’t lie.
These two never match, and the groom will die!
Now they have two sons and each one’s a doctor,
They never fight even though he is a minister.

It’s been 4 decades, but they still love one another.
Today is the 2nd birthday of lovely grand-daughter!
Well, they were exceptions and sometimes I screw up!
What the hell! It’s just probability and should give it up!

A galaxy far far away, there is a dying star watches over,
A group of unsound people who try to predict their future.
Did Galileo knew that people will be this absurd? Never!
He would keep his discoveries to himself, until his life is over.

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