Shivering in the heavy rain, being so wet,
I’m just a stray, as always, no one’s pet,
Humans look with a seething disgust,
Rarely give a glance without any rust.

Now I’m limb, uncertain and filled with fears,
They’ve only seen me growl, but not the tears,
Sleeping beside the cartway, until the dawn,
Waiting for a miracle, just as you have shown.

Covered in mud and lying on this same spot,
That’s when you’ve found me, took me to the hut,
Washed away the stains, healed all the wounds,
Proved me wrong, and expanded the bounds.

I was fed, washed, loved and happy like never,
Felt you were the master, I was looking forever,
Thought you’d take me home, and let me stay,
Then I could be in heaven, without being a stray.

You came on a new moon, eyes filled with tears,
Hugged me and said that her family won’t clear,
It was my breed, so my virtue doesn’t even matter,
Tore the collar she’d put, and threw it to the river.

Watched her shade fades, can’t believe it’s all gone,
I still see her, but we pretend, we’ve never known,
Now I’m limb, weeping under an ill-grown tree,
Waiting for a miracle, again, save and set me free.

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