Warrior Angel

Evil sun and inhuman wind are mocking now,
Can’t go further, like soul’s squeezed out now,
I looked for a shade to lay and dry my sweat,
Despite, I was headed nowhere, worse it gets.

Turned to see a faded sob, thought I’m dreaming,
It was a girl, but the devine voice was screeching,
I looked everywhere around to find who she is,
Found a creature, burnt, bleeding in cold breeze.

With broken wings apart, and all feathers burnt,
A blade covered in blood, must’ve seen her heart,
Covering her face, and screamed me to go away,
Thank god, but who would’ve left her this way!

I limped towards, and told her not be afraid,
She was once free, then some horror cascade,
Hugged her, told my story, she just smirked,
Through the tears, I saw a another me, hurt.

I held her hand, promised I will lift her up,
Through the uncertainty, a glimpse of hope,
I still promised myself too, I wouldn’t fall,
But all I see is, another me fighting after all.

I promise now, I would teach all I know,
About the demons and “humans” so low,
Protect you until you grow your wings,
Someday, you’ll fight by my side and sing.

“Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice
Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly
When the world gets in my face
I say, have a nice day…
Have a nice day!!!”

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