The Caveman

He sits alone by the faint bonfire, still shivering,
Shadows dance over graffiti on wall,  disturbing,
Listening to the crackling sound, mesmerizing,
To ease out the pain of the wounds, still bleeding.

He found himself crawling away from the light,
Towards the core, the place he usually feels safe.
Tried to ignore the glistering red eyes at his sight,
As the blood stains on the path, getting a repaint.

Seeking a path, to break free from this darkness,
He always carved to feel the lovely tenderness,
Forgetting disasters faced on his previous trials,
He still sought he’d finally get redemption trails.

As he egressed the cave to see the heavenly sight,
With waters, chippering and tender rays of light,
Until all went dark, with deadly rain and thunder,
Chthonic creatures emerged, the rest was a blur.

Stares at his own graffiti, lost in the echo of the past,
Looking at the scars from each trail, some still hurt,
Too dreadful to resume the journey, at least for now,
Staring at each cavity, still trying figure the way out.

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