The Mirage

Through the flames and smoke, he couldn’t breathe,
He could see everything going to crash and burn,
With a hollow boom, stroke into the burning sand,
He barely crawled out before all burst into dust.

With the head spinning around, and the wilted tongue,
Staggered towards the beauty beyond the faded horizon,
Never knew how far or even he can ever make it there,
But he kept on going, dragging limbs over burning sand.

He was tired, yet never wanted to rest till he gets there,
He sensed that he’d never reach, not before his death,
He heard the clouds and the hawks’ asking him give up,
He lost faith, yet the desire rooted deep, never went soft.

He knew he drifted too much away from the destination,
Seeking and distracted by all the temporary consolations,
Constantly reminding the purity of the desire to tender,
He saw the beauty diverge farther, started to chase after.

Runs with bleeding feet, tears of regret and pounding heart,
Never knew grail was real or a mirage, and he never cared,
Collapsed on knees, screamed till he bled out, as it vanishes,
Fate or karma, still weeps as he’d never reach the precious.

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