Leap of faint

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“Hey, how are you?”, is that a question?
Took me a while too, get the intention.
How am I? How I feel?, this is not new,
Quelled feelings, “All good, and you?”

It’s just not easy, not easy at all,
2 O’clock, but mind just crawls,
Should I? But I guess not at all,
Fear losing, maybe nothing at all.

Dazed in the desert, praying for rain,
Guilty of admiring, Oasis at range,
“What you truly want?”, water or rain?
I know what I want, hope it’s the same!

On a lonely crossroad, which way to go,
The mystery remains, how far I can go.
Show me a sign, how the journey’ll be?
Don’t want to stray, I’d rather retreat!

Can’t look down, it’s too damn deep.
Why it’s so hard, can’t you reveal?
What’s the promise, I’ll not bleed?
“in ur a…”, faded, must’ve leaped!

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