Mirror Mirror

What do you see? I’m not sure what though,
Who do you see? That’s my exact thought!

Left all his own, with a mighty silver sword,
Not even a slightest clue of where to board,
Nor what do find, but only a sketch from tales,
The precious hidden away, sacrifices entail.

On a furious journey, to the mount doom, you say?
Not quite, that’s Frodo! This has no orcs to slay!
Though there are leeches in disguise all over,
Shouldn’t be deceived, or all in a snap be over!

What am I looking for? He never knew for sure,
How do I know then? You’ll know without lure,
Surviving all those Sirens, what’s more to come,
Saw the stairs leading uphill, seems almost done!

This is it, slippery stones, deadly asps, and bones,
Climbing all day, no food, water or rest, but crones,
Steps on the peek, soaked in mist, dulcet, and glares,
Glimpse of a doorway with fog, calling with flares.

What do you see? I’m not sure what though,
Who do you see? That’s my exact thought!
Is it me? It is me! That’s not possible, that can’t be!
Checked the sketch, it’s changed and so has he.

Stared at the figure on beyond, with sparkling eyes,
With a smile, he’d never seen, but his heart never lies,
Dressed like a diamond, the voice of an elf he dreamt,
Asking his hand inviting him to join, the doorway repels.

Who is she? Why she looks the same? Questions prevail.
I think I know, the quest I’ve taken, treasure to unveil.
It’s not me, but it is me. The other me. It was all a test,
I’ll just wait, wait till the time comes, doorway to open!

Mirror mirror great of all, who’s been made for me after-all?

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